Read About Wayne Brady’s Family Weekend Show!

J1717 Family weekend Wayne BradyWayne Brady arrived to Miami and put on quite the show Saturday night at Millett Hall. My parents decided to visit me for my last parent’s weekend, as I am a senior. Before they arrived my mom asked me if I wanted to go to see the comedian that Miami was hosting. My initial response was a nonchalant “Sure, I don’t care.” So with that, my mom went ahead and ordered three tickets for what would be an unforgettable Saturday night.

All day I kept forgetting about the show, for some reason the idea of a going to a comedy show did not thrill me. However, once the show started I realized I was wrong. Wayne Brady couldn’t have been on stage for more than 3 minutes and already he had the crowd captivated and laughing. 

We were sitting in what my mom calls “the nosebleeds” so although I couldn’t see him close-up, there was a large screen behind him broadcasting the show that I focused my attention on. Despite the distance, you could tell he was born to entertain. He was funny without even trying and had an amusing quick wit about him. I felt like he had turned his show into a game. He spent the entire hour interacting with the audience and calling people up on stage to act and do all kinds of ridiculous things. 

Throughout the show Wayne Brady had a “co-host” who was also a comedian and participated in the skits. There was also a pianist who provided background music and sound effects. The three men interacted well together and you could tell they have worked together for a long time.

At one point in the show Wayne Brady and his partner were telling a story, however they could each only say one word at a time. So basically they had to complete each other’s sentences and create a storyline on the spot. This skit had the entire audience cracking up. I sat there next to my mom, laughing and thinking to myself  “what the hell are they talking about?”

I was truly impressed by the show. It was an unexpected experience that I am glad I ended up being apart of. I will look back on my final parent’s’ weekend at Miami and remember how entertaining the show was and how I wish I had gone to more entertainers Miami has hosted over the past four years.

Caroline Diana


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