Has Dating Drowned?

By Tori Levy

The places in Oxford, Ohio consist of drinking pitchers of beer by day and trashcans by night. Students have vetoed movie dates in favor of bumping and grinding on the Brick Street dance floor. Men and women don’t go “steady,” but rather ask to go back to their place once the bar has shut down.

We’ve moved on from dating stories to the one night hook up stories because no one invites each other over for a second night. If they do, there are no exclusivity or monogamy relationships.

One night a boy will say he loves you and the next; he will be inviting another girl over. Or he’ll invite you back for a smoke, but he has no intention to smoke. Only once in a while do we find a guy who stays with you despite your bladder bursting in front of him. In a town with many hookups and obsolete results, has dating drowned?a254533e1b18c3dcaa49443825b9a6ba


It was the night of Kara’s sorority party: she ordered a dress online, her friend curled her hair, and it took an hour to apply her make up. She was taking a guy she had been with on and off for a year and a half. Lately, things were going remarkably well.

Throughout the party, they were dancing, drinking, and grazing their lips. When drinks hit her bladder half way through the party, they walked across the street to use his bathroom.

Alone in his room, they began hooking up.

“ He was being so sweet and cute to me,” she said. Intoxicated with giggles, she thought it would be the perfect time to ask him to be exclusive. She thought it would be different than the last time he wanted to be with her like she did with him? However, he didn’t. His answer was the same wordy sentence he told her a year and a half ago, six months ago, and again now.

“I need to think… blah, blah, blah,” Kara said rolling her eyes. At that point, she was fed up with him dragging her along all this time. “I was like fuck this. I’m done. And we got into a screaming match and I walked out.”

Kara walked downstairs to the main floor of his house and was there for about five minutes before a familiar girl and her friend showed up.

It was a girl he used to hook up with when they were on their off periods. Kara waited for a few minutes before following the girl upstairs and pulling back the handle leading to the hallway.

They were whispering, and their bodies were huddled close. Kara was stopped when she began approaching them. The girl’s friend told Kara she shouldn’t waste her time on him because his feelings weren’t real. “He said he loved me the night before.”

She ran out of the house and wept after. She blocked his calls, texts, and him from her life. She still sees him from time to time but nothing more than a hi.

Kara now has a new boyfriend.


Hannah was out at Brick Street with her friends and enjoying herself. A boy came up and bought her a drink. They proceeded to move to the sweaty dance floor and tried to talk over the blasting house music.

“Life was good. I had some Brick confidence. He asked me to go back to his place to smoke,” Hannah said. She was a little sketched out because she didn’t know the guy but he was a good time at the bar, so she let it slide.

They went back his room, and he started packing a bowl. She headed for the bathroom. She felt her heart pounding. Pacing around the bathroom, she started to create a dent in the bathroom tile.

“I told myself I was going to leave, but I end up going back to his room. We’ll smoke and I’ll figure it out from there.” The room was dark when she came back. He had lit a candle and was sitting on the bed. Music was playing in the background.

“I asked him whether we were going to smoke or not. And he goes, “oh you want to smoke before,” and I’m like before what?”

Hannah backed out of his room and left the building. She has never seen him since.


Freshman year, Katie had a huge crush on a boy in her dorm. They ended up seeing each other uptown one night and spent the whole night together. At one in morning, they were both tired and decided to walk home. Katie had to pee before they left but the bar the line was super long so she waited.

“We were walking home and I was OK until we got to Benton. I told him I had to pee so bad and he told me to go ahead, and he’ll meet me at the dorm.” Blinded by his presence and her huge crush on him, she wanted to stay with him. She had it together until they passed Farmer school of Business.

“I just stopped. It sounded like water falling to the ground. He stopped and asked me if I dropped a beer before realizing it was me.” She was peeing her pants and making a full-blown puddle on the ground right beside him

She just waited and finished, while he stood there. Through the silence was the stream. Katie then told him to meet in her room. She took off and could feel the squish and squash of pee dripping down her legs and ruined shoes. She ran into her dorm and grabbed a towel and peed in clothes. Throwing the clothes into the washer, and showering off her indignity. She left her door cracked open and peeked inside, not expecting him to be there after reflecting on what just happened.

“He was there in my bed and completely making fun of me.”

A little over a year later, he asked her to be his girlfriend. “So, you know, sometimes it works out,” Katie said gleaming.


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