Recipe for the Perfect Day in Oxford

By Sarah Knepp

It’s a weekend in Oxford. You’ve finished your homework, the sun is shining and the day is beautiful. It is the perfect opportunity to have  a perfect day. What can you do to create this perfect day? Miami University seniors Madeline Dougherty, an engineering major and Julia Mitchell, a botany major, along with Stephen Gullette, a junior studying strategic communications and graphic design, weigh in on how to create a perfect day in this small town.


• Friend(s), as many or as few

• Good food

• Good music

• Good drinks (alcoholic or virgin, depending on preference and age)

• Warm, sunny weather, if possible

• Time to create and enjoy a perfect Oxford day

Note: This recipe is not one size fits all; rather, take any of these ingredients combinations or instructions and make this recipe unique to you and your tastes.IMG_0343


Start with some breakfast. In our bubble, there are many options for

a satisfying, tasty meal. Whether you prefer humble, homemade

cuisine, or want to support local brunch spots, such as Quarter

Barrel, Patterson’s or Steinkeller, there is no way you can go wrong.

Treat yourself and have some coffee, a mimosa or a Bloody Mary

to complement your meal.

Enjoy the beauty of this little  town. Hang out by the water at

Hueston Woods, hike some of the many trails or even just set up a hammock on campus. The loop on East Quad by the Marcum Center is a hidden gem graced with a lot of natural beauty. Nap, read or simply enjoy what is around you.

Add some friends to your day. Go shopping at one of the boutiques uptown, like Lane and Kate or the Apple Tree. Local and unique, you will feel good that you’ve supported a small business and your closet will thank you for the non-corporate, uncommon addition.

Mix in some mid/late afternoon drinks.

You deserve some refreshments. Head to a bar uptown and sit on a patio, or if you’re lucky enough to have a porch or a yard, simply create a small (or large) gathering among you and your friends at one of your houses.

Replenish yourself with some food. Though our town is small, it has a mighty selection of venues to get a great meal. Whether you  prefer the always-delicious Chipotle or the more local delicacy of mac and cheese bites, served up at Mac and Joe’s and Skipper’s, you cannot go wrong. Get it to go and have a little picnic in the park uptown with your friends to make the most of the beautiful, perfect day.

Top it all off with a movie and/or Netflix nights with the people you love most. Laugh, cry and everything in between as you relish in your own perfect day, made and enjoyed exactly the way you like.


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