Ambitious, driven and a little sleep deprived…

By Morgan Mendenhall

Miami University is full of high-caliber, high-achieving students,  many involved in multiple clubs and leadership of their organizations.

One of those students is a junior, Angela Sargent, majoring in political science with a minor in business legal studies.Angela Sargent

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Sargent is involved in a range of different clubs and executive boards on campus.

She planned and executed all the events for Black History Month, sponsored by the Office of Diversity Affairs in February.   

Sargent recently received the Outstanding Undergraduate Award  from the Lambda Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

“It always feels good to be recognized for the things that you do and I am appreciative of the award. But at the end of the day I like getting things done so I don’t necessarily need the recognition.” she said.

In addition to planning out an entire month of events, she also is part of Miami Ambassadors Creating Change and Black Law Students Association, of which she was a charter member and its first treasurer.

She currently works in the Office of Government Relations with Randy Thomas, the director of institutional relations while also being the president of Black President’s Caucus.

“Everything I do, I try to make sure that I’m doing it in a positive light, not just for myself but for other people” Sargent said.

Sargent is one of four children in her family, who all have the same initials; ALS.   

Austin Lamar, 24-years-old, is the oldest followed by Angela Lynette, 21, then Amanda Lashawn, 19 and Alexander Lee, 14. Their mother’s name is Amy Lynette, 46. Her father’s name is Gerald, 49, she laughs.

Her father works for Ford and her mother works part time at the hospital near them and is also a receptionist at her youngest brother’s high school.   

Sitting next to her younger sister Amanda they tell their favorite childhood story. Amanda is a sophomore at Miami majoring in psychology. Both have long black braids.

“We used to have this big tree in our yard in the side of our house,” Amanda starts. Angela immediately starts laughing as if her sister has told this story before. “It was my favorite tree!” Amanda defended.

“It was a pine tree, so there was no touching of the tree.” Angela said, significantly less fond of the tree than Amanda.

“We would sometimes go in the tree when we were like 7 or 8. It was a good hide and seek area, you could walk in.”Angela said.

“Two days ago part of it fell over and now we don’t know what we’re going to do with the tree. ‘Cus there were so many memories.” Amanda sadly admitted.    

With as busy as Sergeant is, juggling not only a myriad of time commitments, but also a rigorous academic schedule, the question of how she manages to keep up with it all and relax come up.

“I’ve started scaling back to focus on law school, so now I’m just a general member in Black Law Students Association and stuff like that. I’m picking just two to be really involved in.”

As it pertains to stress, Sargent says this semester is more about taking care of herself and making sure her GPA is where she wants it, while she prepares to take the LSAT in June.

“She needs to sleep more.” said her sister. Sargent on the other hand says she doesn’t believe in sleep or naps.

“My ‘naps’ usually consist of me sleeping for more than two hours so it’s not a nap at that point.” she says. She will fall asleep from 9pm-12am and wake up at midnight and go back to bed at 4am

“I saw 4 o’clock this morning.”

Sargent came to tour Miami at the high school counselor through the Bridges program. Once she saw it she said she knew that she belonged here.

Once Sargent is done with her time at Miami and finished law school her career goal is to be the Chief of Staff for a congressional office.

She went on the spring 2015-2016 semester Inside Washington internship program and says that the time spent in D.C. is what truly solidified her decision for her.

“It was the best time I’ve ever had! I worked in D.C. 9-5 and I meet some of the biggest and brightest people of the entire world basically.” she says.

While there she interned with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. “I look back and I’m like wow! I actually did all that stuff.”

She counts meeting the White House Chief of Staff at the time, Denis McDonough, as one of her best memories from her time in the nation’s capital.

Also walking around the Oval Office is at the top of the list as well, even if President Obama was there at the time.

“It’s much smaller than people think it is. Behind the desk there were pictures of him and Michelle and the kids it was really nice.”

Miami hasn’t only helped her discover her career goals but also extended family.

Samantha King and Sargent met each other their Freshmen year when they lived in the same dorm, Wells Hall. They only found out that they were related three years later.

“We found out that Ange and I were cousins because I have family in Hope, Arkansas and she does too. Hope, Arkansas only has like 10 people in it. And I have family with the last name Sargent,” King explains.

“We added 1 plus 1, which is 2, and we found out were cousins!” she says animatedly.

It has not been definitively proven yet, but that doesn’t stop the two from affectionately referring to each other as ‘cousin’ on a daily basis.

It’s not always work, work, work for Sargent she does, at some point, take a break and time some time for herself. She loves watching crime tv shows and shopping.

“Me and my friends will stay at home and just relax and watch movies. Occasionally, I’ll go out but i’m not a real big partyer.”

Driven, ambitious and just a bit sleep deprived Sargent has big plans for her future.


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