The Places to Go, Things to Do

By Jazmine Kee

Miami Traditions

1. Go to Mac and Joe’s “Fifty Cent Wings Monday,” while you’re there order their infamous Mac and Cheese Bites. According to Ifeolu Claytor ‘17 not only does Mac and Joe’s have great food but it’s also an excellent ice breaker for networking with Miami

Nothing beats Mac and Joe’s.

alumni. “ I’ve met  Paul Ryan in person and he talked to me about Mac and Joes,” he said.

2. Share a Tuffy Roll although, it’s debatable whether they were better when they were served at the old student center, Shriver. The consensus is that it’s still a tasty combination of warm bread, butter, cinnamon and powdered sugar, not to mention they’re big enough to share.

3. Attend Beat the Clock at least three times, after you’re of legal drinking age. It’s a huge part of Miami culture, people will definitely ask you about your times at beat.  It’s super fun and it’s a good opportunity to meet new people outside of the classroom.

4. Participate in Green Beer Day but don’t over indulge. If done right, it can become one of your favorite memories from your time at Miami.

5. Top the night off with Bagel and Deli. After a good night out stop by the small quaint shop and order a Bagel. The “Crunchy Munch” is one of this spots top sellers along with the “Messy Katy” one of Hunter Withers ’18 personal favorites.        

Unspoken Hot Spots

1. Get half off Sushi at Sushi Nara. While Nara may not be as well-known as Mac and Joes it’s still a contender for one of the coolest spots to eat and drink. Sunday-Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. sushi rolls are half off and if you happen to be there on a Tuesday there’s half off double wells too.

2. Take A Hike on the Bluffton Trails. According to Chase Moulhand’20 it’s a great path to get away, clear your head, and get a moderate workout. Unlike the rec everyone doesn’t know about it.

3. Switch it up with Cellar Bar it no secret that when most students go out they opt for Brick Street or The Woods, affectionately called “New Bar.” However, if you’re  looking for something new try,  Cellar Bar has nice bouncers, the music is great and it haspool tables just in case dancing isn’t your thing.

4.Experience Shabbat with Hillel. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Shabbat is Jewish service put on every Friday at 5 p.m. Even if you do not participate in this faith, the people are so kind, you’ll experience something and the free dinner comes with good food and good people.

5. Give Miami Traditions a chance. Despite, recent changes to dining aren’t all that students hoped for “Traditions is good, it’s one thing they got right,” said Claytor.


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